How To Submit for Auto Authentication

PSA/DNA has a complicated price structure which is based on the Signers Authentication Fee, and size if you want the item Encapsulated. Please follow the below instructions to correctly find your Signers Authentication Fee. Once we have the Fee for your Signer than we can move on to adding items to the shopping cart.

  1. To start we need to find the authentication fee as I stated above. To do that Click Here to go to the PSA website. Scroll down to Submission Price as shown in the image below.

  2. Now there are 2 Tabs - Single Signed Item and Multi-Signed Item. I will explain both. For this step we will use the Single Signed Item tab. We will put the Signers Last Name and search. In this Example we used Iverson for Allen Iverson. His Authentication Fee is $30. We will need this for a future step.

  3. We will now go over the Multi-Signed Tab. For items with multiple signatures PSA uses the Premier Signer. I suggest searching for every signers Authentication Fee using Last Name and also the Total number of signatures on the item. The Signer with the Greatest Price will be the Premier Signer. In the Example below we have Allen Iverson with 3 signers is now $75.
  4. Now that we know how to search for the Authentication Fees now we can go into how our website works and how you would add items into the cart based off the fees we found.

 Check Signer Here then scroll down and click on (Step 2) Submission Price, you will then type in the last name of the signer(s) find your signer on the list and see the authentication fee for that signer. Using that infomation you can choose the correct price below based on that fee.

Step 1 - Complete Order

Complete your online order and print out your order at the end of checkout

Step 2 - Label Services

Separate services in individual team bags along with label of service, Either Name, IG or Facebook handle and or email address

Step 3 - Include Order Receipt

Please print out a copy of your email order receipt and package together with cards.

Step 4 - Ship

Ship package using any of the following carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.) to our facility at:

Harvbo Cards
17954 Salinas River Way
Macomb, MI 48042